31 Cherrymember 2019 : Blog

Today we are Cherrymembering to weigh regularly.

Some guidelines may help in making the decision about what constitutes “regularly”. Daily fluctuations in weight are informative to horse racing handicappers and to very few others.

I believe that weighing regularly once each month would be plenty enough to see any trends. After all, it is trends which are of interest in long term weight loss and weight management. Several months of weight gain would show some caution is needed. Equally deserving of caution would be a constant weight loss trend. There needs to be time allowed to learn how to eat and get used to the new, smaller body shape before making it still smaller.

We have chosen our weigh day to be as near to the end of each month as is possible. Today I am happy to report my weight of 70.5 kilograms. Maintaining weight near 70 kilograms this month has been achieved. That will remain the goal well into next year.

You will see a menu option in the archives to “Read all Blogs” if you want to learn more about how our “Weight and See” approach has been developed and has been effective for me to slowly lose 20 Kilograms over several years, after giving up cigarettes.

Happy New Year to all from Warratah and Wattle.