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On the Plate

1-31 Apply 2020 :

Meat Pies  served with with oven fries potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Pancake with stewed apples and chocolate icecream.

Fresh apples and apples.



It is important to keep ones hands occupied,  particularly if they are resting and remembering the action of taking a cigarette,  or some indulgent food to the mouth.  Each day  a collage will be made using cut outs from  old catalogues.  It will portray  the calendar date and the sorts of food eaten.


01 Apply 2020 : Blog

It would be great to reach the position where giving minimal attention to what I eat occurs. That is the long term goal. It seems like it might be achievable. Certainly weight control is slowly becoming less of an issue for me. I have recorded my weight at the end of each month this year …

The Gobbler’s Banquet

The Gobbler’s Banquet Game starts on 1st November 2019 and will run for twelve months. The game is about production and time management. Players may make a wide variety of buildings and products with metal, rock or wood materials. Players move around the virtual world of the Frenetia server safely. There is no combat. Trading with other players is encouraged. Foraging and botanising has been adjusted upwards to give a high frequency of ingame currency which may be used to purchase deeds. There is no upkeep cost for deeds. If a player does not log in to the game for over 2 months the deed would need to be repurchased.

Most weeks there will be a list of items that the Gobbler wants, published in game, on this site and on the Wurm Unlimited forums. Scoring is per amount and quality of the items that the player makes and donates to the Gobbler. Scoring will recommence each quarter (Set the table, Entree, Main Course and Dessert) giving players the chance to start over. Players’ skills and buildings are retained for the entire twelve months until the next reset.

Players are very welcome to play on the Frenetia server without participating in the Gobbler’s Banquet game. If players do want to have their items for the Gobbler’s Banquet scored they will need to contact us . pam-gobbler@little-possums.net

Players will start randomly at either Willow Heights Village located in the north east of the server or at Olive Heights village located in the south west.

Willow Heights Starting Area.
Olive Heights Starting Area

The Gobbler’s Banquet game is being hosted on a Wurm Unlimited server called “Frenetia”. It is available through Steam.


8 November 2019

A great start has been made. Grand total Gobbler points for week one is 5167.

For the players as a group to win the “Set the Gobbler’s Table” section of the Banquet they will need to reach the target score of 100,000 Gobbler points by 1st Febuary 2020. The rewards for reaching the target score will still be won even if the target is reached later than that date, into the “Entree” section of the banquet. The rewards will be a feasting table (Julbord) placed in all players’ camps, a high quality dye package and an affinity of each players choice.

Participation in the ore challenge is voluntary. After the players complete the delivery of 1000 Q 50 or higher ores of each mineral type, including sandstone, slate and marble to Acacia Pines, the Gobbler will make Q90 rare pickaxes for sale for 5 silvers on merchants at each GM town available to all players.

15 November 2019

This week’s total is 8063 Gobbler points. This brings the ongoing total to 13230. Congratulations to the player who has submitted a set of all the 15 wood types for the round tables and the stools. We have decided to award this special achievement with an extra variety score and incorporate a new category into some of the future the lists “Item type (A set of each material, or as many as can be made of partial sets).

16 November 2019

A public cave of utmost gold is located at the north end of the roses. You will see the cave entrance shortly after turning east at the Lindens. The map below shows other utmost quality public mines.

Public Utmost quality mines.

22 November 2019

The Aladin’s cave project is well under way. We now have gold, silver, tin and zinc Public Utmost Quality mines. Contact Pam or Tam if you want to donate an off-deed utmost deposit of marble, slate, sandstone or one of the other ore types. The map on the Frenetia thread of the Wurm Unlimited forums is being updated as new mines are donated.

This week’s total is 7,894 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 21,124 / 100,000 to set the table.

23 November 2019

Money does grow on trees.

The Gobbler issues a group Sickle Challenge to the players of Frentia. Participation is voluntary. It requires 1000 of each sprout type and 1000 of each tree and bush harvests. They may be of any quality. They need to be delivered to Acacia Pines. It, the Gobbler is a very patient being. There is no time limit. When the challenge has been completed rare q90 sickles will be placed on merchants at the GM towns selling for 5 silvers each and be available to all players. Now, as well as from foraging and botanising, coins may also be gathered by picking sprouts and harvesting trees and bushes.

29 November 2019

Contact Pam or Tam if you want to purchase a breeding pair of bison. They are selling for one silver and will be delivered to your camp. Make sure you have an enclosure built for them. You don’t have to be online. Leave the coin in a container near your token.

The public utmost quality mines map on this site and on the Wurm Unlimited forum has been updated showing the location of a deposit of utmost quality marble south of the blueberries. Also added to the collection are utmost slate and utmost lead in the north area. Deposits of utmost iron, copper and sandstone are needed to complete the Aladin’s cave project.

This week’s total is 12,184 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 33,308 / 100,000 to set the table.

5 December 2019

Build your own Aladdin’s cave!

The Aladdin’s project has been completed. The Public utmost quality mines map has been updated to show the locations of each mine. Build your own Aladdin’s cave at your camp. Merchants at the GM towns are selling selling Rods of transmutation for 5 silver coins each. These rods turn a cave wall of rock into an utmost deposit of your choice.

6 December 2019

This weeks total is 7853 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 41,161 / 100,000 to set the table.

13 December 2019

This week’s total is 7,579 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 48,740 / 100,000 to set the table.

16 December 2019

Q Fishing has arrived.

Version one allows queuing of fishing actions with some limitations. The client does not draw a fishing line. Make sure you have a tackle box with plenty of bait. You will see a Q Fishing option in the line up on the right click menu. The fishing happens when and where you click, there is no casting wait-time or message. Check in the event window to see it is a valid place to fish and set your queue. Some attention is still required, for example the Q will come to an abrupt halt if the line snaps. Q fishing may be bound to a shortcut key. Fishing is as per usual if Q Fishing is not selected.

21 December 2019

This week’s total is 9,947 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 58,687 / 100,000 to set the table.

24 December 2019

Treasure Maps

Digging, mining and investigating actions now sometimes give treasure maps. They may be read using a compass and lead to treasure chests which have unusual items and sleep bonus powders.

The timers have been decreased for praying, sacrificing, spell casting and faith regeneration.

Merry Christmas everyone.

25 December 2019

Aren’t the snowman statues great. Please let me know if you would like a HotA statue and if so which one. We haven’t automated it yet so Acacia will be  placing  it in your cart near your token.

Deliver Santa’s Reindeer to his Island.

This week you will likely find us on Santa’s Reindeer server. This is our  new event server of approx 1000 * 1000 tiles, all flat and treeless. The objective is to deliver a reindeer to Santa’s island across a small sea via cart or boat with a creature transporter. Players start with nothing in inventory. There are a few approaches. One is to quickly find treasure maps which have tools and shrub logs. Another is to bootstrap using foraged shards and expose some  rock. Mines may be made via cement raised rock. Trees can be planted via foraged sprouts and grown quickly using spells.

Santa’s Reindeer map

Good luck!

26 December 2019

Build your new yacht, the Trip ship.

Enjoy faster travel around Frenetia. Build your new yacht, the Trip ship. The Trip ship looks just like a sailing boat, except that the fancy rigging is of a randomly chosen saturated colour, such as aqua or lime and allows a constant speed of 36 kmh, regardless of the prevailing wind conditions. A special winged keel has been developed which has two adjustable wings to control the water flow, giving the Trip ship stability, even in gales. The capacity of the Trip ship is up to 5 large crates and 2 creature cages, making it a versatile trading vessel.

Introducing the new Trip ship.
The first Trip ship on Frenetia server moored at the Pastures of the Blue Unicorn.

28 December 2019

This week’s total is 20469 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 79157 / 100,000 to set the table.

3 January 2020

This week’s total is 18449 Gobbler points. The ongoing total is 97606/100,000 to set the table.

11 January 2020

The Gobbler’s Table is set for the Banquet

Congratulations to the players for winning the “Set the table” quarter of the Gobbler’s Banquet. The ongoing total is 122,082/100,000 Gobbler points. Contact Pam to have your Gobbler’s Table feasting julbord placed in your camp. The high quality dye packages will be available at the end of the month. Lists will continue for players who want to work on their personal scores. The second quarter, “Entree” will commence Friday 7th February.

17 January 2020

The action timer for meditation has been reduced. All time limits for skill gain and ranking up have been removed.

19 January 2020

The Gobbler’s Banquet Game : Entree

During the Entree of the Banquet we are trialing a new style of Gobbler play.

There will be 4 active Gobbler items on the player’s personal Gobbler list at any given time. At the end of each ingame hour the oldest item drops off the list, having been there for four player ingame hours. The other items each age by an hour.

Each hour a new potential Gobbler item appears, broadcast in the new “Gobbler” Chanel. To get the new item on the Player’s personal Gobbler list the player may choose yes or no to that item. (This is not automated yet, so the player needs to do their own recording.)

If the player chooses yes, the chosen item is placed on the personal Gobbbler list and the player has four ingame hours to make and donate what they are able to of that item. If no is chosen the player needs to wait another hour to see what the next published item is. On the third try that item will need to be placed on the personal Gobbler list. If it cannot be done the chain will break and the player needs to start again.

At this stage we don’t have automation. The player needs to keep their own documentation. For us step one is getting the fully automated list broadcasting, so we have a viable solo player game. Time keeping will be personal. At the end of the play session or going away from keyboard, the player needs to record how many minutes are left in the hour after the most recent chosen Gobbler item. They may resume at any time using the minutes left recording. If the player forgets to record, make an estimate of it.

At this stage for item collections and scoring contact Pam. Eventually we will have Gobbler Containers to donate into. The player will be able to teleport the Gobbler Container to their location at any time. These containers will be upgradeable in the future so more complex items can be donated in the second half of the Banquet.

So long as even one item is made and donated the player’s Gobbler chain continues. For a larger score more items and higher quality items will be taken into account. Rarity of item also contributes to the score. The player’s Gobbler level will be calculated using chain lengths and scores.

Entree commences Friday 7 February.

9 May 2020

Hospital Challenge

A virus has been detected on both the Frenetia and SantasReindeer servers. There are estimated to now be approximately one thousand of them spread randomly on each server. Visible at a distance of 16 tiles, they are easily recognizable, being gold in colour and floating above the ground. At this stage it seems likely that it can be contained. The viri do not cause serious illness, however significantly reducing the amount of them will be needed for the players to win the hospital challenge.

The virus may only be seen when it is nearby.

As well as plenty of coins, gems and high quality tools, each treasure chest now contains one Antibody starter kit. The crafting window has the recipe to make an antibody. They are expensive to build, requiring many items such as herbs and mushrooms. The antibody does not damage, so they can be used multiple times on a viris reducing trip.

Players may like to be prepared just in case treatment is needed. A special “Hospital bed” can now be built. These beds behave like other beds, allowing sleep bonus to be gained whilst offline. Part of the Hospital bed’s equipment includes an antibody. Building a Hospital bed anywhere on the server will increase the player’s personal experience and contribute points towards the challenge.

The Hospital Bed.

To win the challenge each server will also need to build its own Coronia Park 5 bed hospital. HealthElf has made a start on the SantasReindeer Server’s hospital, at the south end of Santa’s island, near the bridge.

Gobbler’s Banquet Requirements

List for Friday 17 January 2020 : Some Banquet vessels

  • Beer Stein
  • Flask
  • Bucket (Linden)
  • Small Barrel (Pine)
  • Pottery Jar
  • Mushroom (Yellow)
  • Ground spice (Any)
  • Healing cover (Sage),(Any)

List for Friday 10 January 2020 : Some Banquet sweets

  • Sugar beets
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Bee Smoker
  • Mushroom (Black)
  • (ground spice (Turmeric)
  • Healing cover (Rosemary), (Any)

List for Friday 3 January 2020 : Some Banquet salad

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Cucumber
  • Large amphora
  • Mushroom (Green)
  • Ground spice (Fennel seed)
  • Healing Cover (Any),(acorn)

List for Friday 27 December 2019 : Some Banquet vegetables

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Pumpkin
  • Small amphora
  • Mushroom (Blue)
  • Ground spice (paprika)
  • Healing Cover (nutmeg),(acorn)

List for Friday 20 December 2019 : Some Banquet grains

  • Oat
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Cake tins
  • Mushroom (Red)
  • Ground spice (ginger)
  • Healing Cover (mint),(acorn)

List for Friday 13 December 2019 : Some Banquet ingredients

  • Light fishing rod (any)
  • Fish (catfish)
  • Roasting dish
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Mushroom (Brown)
  • Ground spice (cumin)
  • Healing Cover (turmeric), (acorn)

List for Friday 06 December 2019 : Some Banquet pans

  • Charcoal
  • Fish (any)
  • Frying pan (copper)
  • Cauldron (iron)
  • Pie dish
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Fish Casserole
  • Healing cover (brown mushroom),(any)

List for Friday 29 November 2019 : Some Banquet dairy

  • Round marble table
  • High chair (any)
  • Milk (sheep)
  • Milk (cow)
  • Cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Cheese casserole
  • Healing Cover (Onion),(Barley)

List for Friday 22 November : Some Banquet plates

  • Rectangular marble table
  • Pauper’s high chair (any)
  • Plate (Sets of one plate of each wood type, or as many as can be made of partial sets).
  • Saucepan (copper)
  • Metal bowl (any)
  • Fishing pole (any)
  • Veg casserole
  • Healing cover (wemp plant),(any)

List for Friday 15 November : Some Banquet utensils

  • Large dining table (any)
  • Chair (any)
  • Butcher’s knife (any)
  • Measuring jug
  • Cheese drill (linden)
  • Baking stone
  • Bread Casserole
  • Healing cover (any herb),(any)

List for Friday 8 November : Some Banquet cutlery

  • Round table (any)
  • Stool (any)
  • Knife (any)
  • Fork (any)
  • Spoon (any)
  • Meditation rug
  • Herb Casserole (any)
  • Healing cover (Mint),(Green mushroom)

List for Friday 1 November : Some start up items

  • Plank (any)
  • Small nail
  • String of cloth
  • Grindstone
  • Pottery bowl
  • Sickle
  • Breakfast
  • Healing cover (parsley), (any mushroom)