01 Apply 2020 : Blog

It would be great to reach the position where giving minimal attention to what I eat occurs. That is the long term goal. It seems like it might be achievable.

Certainly weight control is slowly becoming less of an issue for me. I have recorded my weight at the end of each month this year and the measurements show a small fluctuation around my chosen central value of 70 kilograms. Yesterday, rugged up in winter clothes at the end of a month filled with generous serves of cream of chicken soup, garlic bread and pancakes with pears I am pleased to report that the scales read 71.8 kilograms.

Daily walking continues. This month it is more imperative than any other to go walking, in order to accomodate the meat pie for breakfast eating theme. It is easy math : No walk equals no meat pie. It seems unlikely that I will miss any daily walks during this Apply! Already I am enjoying jumping out of bed at the crack of pre-dawn and doing my sunrise morning walk to the bakery.

This Apply I have decided to set myself the task to make a collection of photos of towels. It will match with the luxury of enjoying a different colour of towel each day during this bleak, middle winter month.

If you want to know more about my gentle methods approach to lose and keep off weight I have documented them to share with you. You will see a menu to “Read all blogs” in the archives section of the web site.