8 Mayndarin 2019 : Recipe

“Joan’s Savoury”

Add the following ingredients together in a mixing bowl and mix them well: A generous amount of the herb thyme, real is better if you can get it, but the dried bottled thyme is also good. One large chopped tomato and one half of a chopped onion. Two chopped shortcut rashers of bacon (minimal, but some fat on it). One very finely chopped slice of tasty cheese. One raw egg.

Make four rounds of toast. Lightly butter them and place them on an oven tray. Distribute the mixture on the top of the four rounds of toast. Place in the oven which has been heated to 180 degrees and cook for 12 minutes. Check at ten minutes just in case it is ready. You will know it is ready by the beautiful aroma in the kitchen.

The amount to be eaten depends on what is usually eaten for lunch. Eat about that much equivalent and enjoy!

Freeze what is not eaten after it cools down. The difficult part is allowing it to stay in the freezer for long before having it another thyme.