31 Cherrymember 2017 : Blog

Its almost the New year! How we are looking forward to 2018.  Our very own web site is about to launch onto the Internet.

For the past few weeks we have had the site showing on our own local network. I have been learning how to use an image editor,  to make “posts”  and am developing into a writer of Blogs.  Waratah has been studying how to make things happen behind the scenes.   Trust me, its a lot of study.

Before I go much further into the world of Blogs  there are a few things to mention right now.   You will see right down the bottom of the site, “Powered by WordPress”.  These three little words hide such an enormous meaning and importance.  We want to acknowledge and say thank you to the persons  who make “WordPress”,  which is  the computer code  that makes the web site possible.

The second thing to mention is how delicious Cherrymember is.    In this month we remember all the things  we ate during the year,  and hopefully  have learnt to eat slightly less of the foods that cause  weight gain problems such as chocolates during  the festive season.   Pretty soon we are also going to launch into the  essentially disciplined,  culinary month of “Januberry”.  Meanwhile, enjoy!

Happy New Year to all.