3 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Doing a walk each day is great for  preventing weight gain.  It doesn’t have to be of long duration and  it doesn’t have to be so agile you wear your shoes out after a month.  What it does have to be is : to actually be done.

A few years ago I purchased an inexpensive camera which fits  into a purse and is so marvelous it  just about takes the photo for me without even getting it out of the purse.  I then commenced a daily  task  to take a photo of some flower whilst out walking.  I managed to do this for about three months and thanks to my user-friendly camera have some lovely photos.

This year I am repeating this daily task of taking photos whilst out walking.  I hope to last at it  for at least a whole year.  If you become a frequent visitor to our website you will notice that the image at the top of the home page changes each day,  showing what I see .