7 Cherrymember 2019 : Blog

Today and tomorrow we are Cherrymembering Aprilcot. If it is possible, one of the summer tasks is to freeze fresh apricots to eat in Aprilcot. They are very little fuss because they can be placed in the freezer in airtight bags in their raw state. In Aprilcot we get what we need out of the freezer each night and steam them in the same basket as the vegetables. If it is at all possible we also like to have a special activity outing to visit real apricot trees towards the end of Cherrymember. This is when the fruit is at its very best. Some years we have had commercially preserved apricots. Care has to be taken to drain off all the sugar filled juice.

Aprilcot is the month when lean lamb appears on the menu. We serve fresh chopped rosemary with it. A lot of chopped rosemary. Making sure there is a good crop each year is a small task in itself. Bought dry rosemary is fine if circumstances do not allow gardening. Rosemary is a nice indoor plant in the kitchen so another special activity outing to visit a nursery one afternoon in Aprilcot could be a good way to place some distance between myself and my refrigerator.