8 Cherrymember 2019 : Blog

Today we are Cherrymembering the Cullinary BFF (Best Friend Forever). We have obtained a deep boiling pan and have a collender-like basket which fits snugly inside the pan resting on the top. Over the top of the basket fits a dome shaped glass lid. Not only is the lid practical but we can admire the steaming vegetables. They look really pretty. Having a deep boiling pan means we can boil the water furiously for 25 minutes preferably, but the alternative is very forgiving, because as sometimes happens, the vegtables steam for a whole lot more minutes than that. The steamed vegetables are nicer if they are just cooked, but also we have found out that they quite edible if steamed for longer, they just have a softer texture.

As well as being great to cook food in, the Cullinary BFF is easy to look after. No soap powder gets near it. We only ever rinse out the pan, basket and lid with hot water and wipe them up preferably immediately, at meal serve up time. The best place to keep this kitchen treasure is in its own place with no obstacles to get it in and out of the cupboard. I like to keep it on a lower shelf so two sneaky “squats” exercises are done each evening meal.