5 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Sometimes a task takes the form of cooking some new type of food.  Last night we had scones for supper.  They were delicious. Here is our recipe.

“Cheesy Cajun Scones”.
(This recipe has been adapted from the traditional.)

Turn on the oven to 250 degrees Celsius. The oven being preheated is important so this is the first action to take. The amounts of ingredients are not strict, just approximations.

Combine 2 cups Self raising flour, 1 level teaspoon salt, one level teaspoon sugar, one heaped teaspoon dried spice or herb (We choose premixed Cajun spice), one heaped teaspoon commercial brand Parmesan cheese. Chop up 50 grams of commercial brand sliced cheese and add into the dried ingredients. Then cut in 50 grams of real, salted commercial brand butter tiny bits at a time. Lastly add in 190 grams of real whole milk, 50 grams at a time, mixing it till the last of the dry substance bits turns into an only just wet dough. Weather effects the recipe, you might only need 180 mL or up to 200 mL.

Place 2 teaspoons SR flour on the clean, dry sink top, or bench top. Place the dough into this and move it around a bit so the the SR Flour gets incorporated into the dough. It will feel less wet, but only just dry. Gently pat it into a shape thats about 30 millimeters high. Place on a chopping board and cut into approx 18 parts. Place the parts on a tray that you previously dusted with SR flour about quarter of a teaspoon.

Timing of the cooking matters. In a fan forced oven try 4 minutes, then rotate the tray and cook for another 4 minutes. Each oven behaves differently, you need to try it out a few times to find the best amount of cooking time. They rise a small amount. After they are cooked place on a metal cooling rack to cool. Serve with a small amount of butter on them.

We have found good success cutting the scones in half when they are cooled and then freezing them, just removing them from the freezer as needed and using the microwave oven to thaw them.