6 Januberry 2018 : Blog

When I look into the mirror I like to see me. With a few kilograms less weight it will still be me. It is my belief that there is an important relationship going on here and I call it “Weight and See”.

Did you know that as you lose weight you need to eat less, proportionately less of each type of food to maintain that lesser weight? I didn’t. I found that out at a commercial weight loss organisation. I think the reason I didn’t know was because until then I’d never lost enough weight for it to be an issue.

Its actually quite easy to lose weight. What is harder and for some almost impossible, is to maintain a weight which is a lot less than the amount it was a short time ago.

What a revelation it was, and what a shock. As this knowledge entered my mind it dawned on me… less potato crisps, less chocolate ripes! Less meat and gravy, less desserts. The only thing that seemed to not be less was lettuce. Alright, that is an overstatement. The sad fact is, even less lettuce is required.

The trouble is that this knowledge was not owned by my stomach. It shrunk hardly at all during the fast and marvelous weight loss experience. So my mind and eyes wanted to see more food on the plate, my stomach was demanding to be kept fuller of the more satisfying foods and you can imagine what happened. Yes indeed. Most of the weight went right back on again, almost as fast as it was removed.

Now after some years of this slower journey to lose weight my eyes and stomach have caught up, and when I look into the mirror, I still see me.