22 Cherrymember 2019 : Blog

Today we are Cherrymembering the roles of no small tasks and primary activity tasks. In Nolember I declare a month of no small tasks. If they are wanted, repeating another month’s tasks would be quite alright.

I chose my primary activities to be some regular walking, taking a photo of a flower on my walk and making a collendar page on most days of the year. In the last few years I have documented some blogs and photos to share how the activities have contributed to gradual, successful and sustainable weight loss and a smaller body shape.

Each year this is a great time of the year to decide how beneficial the activities are. On balance I’d say they are very beneficial. The scales agree.

I may modify the amount of times the activities are done next year, but will still attempt to do them quite regularly. If you are just starting your weight loss journey decide your own set of activities that will suit you and work on turning them into habits, a part of your lifestyle.