23 Cherrymember 2019 : Blog

Today and tomorrow we are Cherrymembering Cherrymember. It is an enjoyable eating theme which has no restrictions and the only discipline is by choice and by inclination. It is possible to remember only the favourite month’s eating themes, or repeat each month’s eating theme in turn, as we have done this year, or even to choose none of them. Have a total rest from eating themes.

Over several years we have reduced the amount of Chocolate ripes eaten. At the start of the weight loss journey one each evening in Cherrymember seemed about right. An unlimited amount of fresh cherries accompanies the chocolate ripe. Then trying one half of a Chocolate ripe the following year worked out quite well. Eventually one half of a Chocolate ripe each second evening in Cherrymember was allowed. This year one half of a chocolate ripe each evening of the last week of Cherrymember is the plan. Yet again a large plate of fresh cherries is on the table, with the expectation that they will all get eaten.