9 Januberry 2018: Blog

Yesterday Waratah’s mother and I went for a drive to a rural town. We had a delightful look around which included visiting some opportunity shops. I bought an elegant glass carafe. It has a sturdy bottom making it a particularly practical item for every day use.

I firmly believe that developing the habit of having a large glass of water with dinner has led to the permanent loss of about half a stone of weight. I think of it as a half stone, but the scales would read it in the metric amount of about three kilograms.

What a great result for turning on the tap and tipping the water down the tunnel! It has to become a habit though, every night, it’s just as important as placing the food on the plate. Now we will enjoy chilled water with our meal.

We also bought a large quanity of delicious fresh apricots. So there is today’s pre-defined task, to get them into the freezer to be ready for our pancakes in “Aprilcot.”

Have you noticed that it is getting increasingly more difficult to buy tins of fruit that have no added sugar? If that is all that is available I’d suggest throwing the liquid, which is pretty much pure sugar, straight down the sink. Yes I know that is a wasteful thing to do, but it is so much better than being “waistful”.