10 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Catalogues often have an image of a half (1/2). These can help with motivation. I pair them with images of foods I would prefer to eat less of.

Over time I have gathered a plastic sleeve full of cut out images of commercial brand biscuits, ice creams, cakes, chocolates and crisps. It makes for a pleasant virtual-eating afternoon doing all this cutting out and thinking about all the indulgent foods I didn’t actually eat. For example *half* a Chocolate ripe is better than a whole one.

Also over time I have gathered a plastic sleeve full of cut out images of a half (1/2). Blue ones, green ones, fat ones, tiny ones, you name it. The list of the types of an image of a half well and truly covers any future mood I might have. While cutting them out I imagine what sort of food image I might pair with the image of a half.

These days when I am making my Collendar there are very few images missing to cover any, and I do mean any, high calorie menu item.

You will also notice that on my Collendar the image of cabbage hasn’t appeared. That is because they are really difficult to find in catalogues. At some stage a printer might be useful, but for now never mind, it is alright. I know that I am eating it, and now you know it too!

Tonight we are having *half* of a commercial brand boysenberry flavoured cone ice cream on our pancake. My collendar page reminds me that I really did need less of this indulgent food.