12 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Yesterday afternoon a technician from the “National Broadband Network” (NBN), our government owned, monopoly, telecommunications infrastructure provider, was sitting above a meter high hole on the side of the street directly outside our house and the next thing you know our internet and telephone were disconnected. Then the next thing you know they remained disconnected, and now a day later they still continue to be disconnected.

Borrowing our neighbour’s mobile telephone we established that our modem is constantly attempting to connect to somebody else’s modem, and that that somebody else is not even using the the same internet service provider as us. On top of that our neighbour was also disconnected at the same time, and is not the somebody else, so we know the problem involves at least three houses, possibly more.

How depressing, our site is only just launched and now it is not on the world wide web. Tomorrow is Saturday, and it defies belief that the policy of the NBN is to attend to the provisioning of our national telecommunications infrastructure only during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Well, I have acknowledged my mood drop, right through the floor, down to the level of the place where the wires are now attached so strangely.

Perhaps the hardest relationship to understand and to act upon is how mood is able to effect what, and how much we eat. Instead of having a comfort food feast I am forcing the continuance of my tasks.

To be complete my collendar needs a page made each day. I am reminding myself that the images will still appear in the archives eventually. It’s important to go walking every day and take the photos. Best of all, this blog might be the most important one I ever write of the whole blog collection. I must hope that it will be readable, some day, in its rightful place, on the internet.