13 Januberry 2018 : Blog

I am always glad I am not a contestant on a weight loss television program. They seem to be huffing and puffing, and still they get pushed to do more.

Whilst I do thoroughly enjoy watching the contestants’ dramatic weight loss journeys, I think it is important to be sensible about my own exercise. Some small amount of huffing and puffing is alright. If breathlessness became too great I would think that I made a poor decision about the distance to walk and review it.

Choosing the amount of distance to walk depends on how much feels right.

At the other end of not quite one kilometer down the hill, there is a shopping center, so our distance almost chose itself. We buy some groceries and trudge back up the hill, making it an almost two kilometer round trip. In the first year or so we did not go every day, only some days.

This year’s plan is to go for a walk every day. Some walks will be a similar amount of distance in other directions, allowing us to view many gardens. We take breaks along the way as required, more in hotter weather. I am finding that as there is less weight to carry, I need less breaks. This is very heartening. So in general it will be safe to say that the hardest walks will always be the first ones. It does become easier.

Isn’t today’s image lovely. The raindrops are showing so clearly on the rose’s leaves. We timed our walk to happen between two rather heavy showers. Of course if it is raining heavily all day long, on some days, that will be no excuse. That’s why they make umbrellas!