15 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Nothing has been mentioned yet about what is on the plate for breakfasts.

In general I like to have a breakfast that I find filling, for example 2 fried eggs with a short cut bacon slice on 2 slices of lightly buttered toast.

In a varied, ongoing eating plan I think the natural source of fat in whole milk is useful. Porridge is great in the winter months. Muesli mixed with dry rolled oats is a particularly filling combination in any month. Cereals such as wheat biscuits are very good value, but taste quite bland, so these may need a fruit or honey accompaniment.

Some months, but not many, will find my breakfasts featuring a small serve of sugar coated cereal such as cornflakes or cocoa-flavoured rice bubbles. A large serve of oranges will be a must have in this style of breakfast because these types of cereal are delicious, but not at all filling.

Only in one wintery month do I allow my favourite breakfast, hot meat pies with tomato sauce.

For the month of Januberry breakfast has a light summery feel to it, but is still filling. It consists of a cheese and bacon bread roll with no butter, topped with generous amounts of ham, lettuce, tomatoes and onion.