16 Januberry 2018 : Blog

This “Weight and See” strategy relies on making small, achievable changes that will endure and have the subtle effect of experiencing gradual weight losses that will also endure. It is long term.

I only get on the scales once per month, usually on the last day of each month. I make a graph. It is not too difficult. On the bottom line across I have the months and on the vertical line up I have the weights. With a pencil I just place a cross at the point on the paper where the two values meet.

When this site becomes interactive we will have a place on it where graphs can be made easily and this type of visual picture of progress will be possible. As well as me making my graph, you might choose to make one of your own.

Over the last three years my graph shows that there has been a ten kilogram downwards trend, which is very pleasing.

The month to month weights do fluctuate. Up a bit, down a bit. I don’t get alarmed or disheartened about fluctuations. Each year the month of “Apply” has shown an up a bit. That is the acceptable and inevitable outcome of allowing the pastry eating theme for a month.

What matters is comparison. For example, is this year’s up a bit  less than last year’s up a bit? Is this year’s weight reading less than last year’s? Yes! And yes! Very pleasing indeed.