19 Januberry 2018 : Blog

19 Januberry 2018

Let’s talk about cheese. It’s not a swear word. Or is it? I try to reduce the amount of meals with cheese in them, and reduce the amount of cheese in any meal…

Let’s talk about pizza! I wouldn’t want to give them up. Thank goodness, yes you can eat pizza. This slow weight reduction and maintenance plan does incorporate them.

Consider the home cooked version, with a lot less cheese, some salami, and a lot more mushrooms and capsicums. To be eaten not this month, but next. “Feburin” features the great mystery bags we call sausages and that includes hot or medium salamis. In the month of “Augrapes” (“Porkust”) we incorporate home cooked Hawaiian pizzas with less cheese topping. This is offset with more ham and fresh raw pineapple.

I firmly believe that some of my permanent weight loss has resulted from making this hard cheese change.