18 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Hooray! Our internet and telephone are now connected.

Our appointment this afternoon was honoured by a different NBN technician, who listened to our opinion of what the problem was. Within ten minutes he verified that indeed there were crossed wires outside the house and he reconnected them correctly.

My Collendar page for today helps me to enjoy my walk during this very hot weather here, even if I don’t really enjoy it as much as I could. I am certainly celebrating summer!

I think everyone would have experienced that the feeling of fullness is very different to, and does not properly mask, the feeling of not having had enough calories. At the start of my weight loss journey I liked to find ways to keep my mind from thinking about all the calories I wasn’t having.

One really good way was to concentrate my mind on how the food that was allowed looked, when it was served up. An example of this could be fruit, say a portion of grapes. They look so much nicer on a plate with a coloured serviette beside it. I went out and bought some inexpensive paper ones.

Our kitchen started to become more interesting with seasonal colour themes for tea towels, dish cloths and table cloths. I chose red for the summer. The other seasons have yellow in autumn, blue in winter and green in spring.

A really good side effect of a more colourful kitchen is to do the dishes more often so it looks nicer still!

If you look at the part of the site that has the archives you will see that my Collendar pages for the month of Januberry are starting to form a set. They all have the background colour of dark red. I think this gives them a summery appearance, and makes the images of berries look very appealing.

Perhaps I will make a tabletop style book of the Collendar pages eventually.