17 Januberry 2018 : Blog

Telephone companies have catalogues which sometimes have images of the word “mobile”. On some days I place them on my Collendar page. They remind me of the importance of walks done.

Speaking of technology, six days have now elapsed of having no internet or telephone connection.

Did you know that you cannot speak directly to anyone at the “National Broadband Network” (NBN), our government owned, monopoly, telecommunications infrastructure provider? What happens is after a long wait on hold, you speak to somebody at your “Internet service provider”, (ISP). They in turn send an e-mail to whoever, at NBN, reporting a fault. That was a surprise to find out that the ISP personnel are similarly unprivileged to talk to personnel of the NBN on the telephone.

Now if you are lucky something might happen.

We made enquiries after the weekend and were told that the report of the fault was closed, having been “resolved”. Really, I can’t agree with them that having no internet or telephone connection is properly “resolved”.

This time we made an appointment for an NBN technician to “Trouble shoot”. That means to come and visit us inside our house, and inspect our perfectly good modem setup that was working just fine before last Thursday when that previous NBN maintenance technician connected those outside, below ground wires so strangely.

Our appointment is for tomorrow afternoon.